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How to Choose the Best Wood Scratching Post for Cats

June 7, 2021

The best wood scratching post for cats does not have to be expensive. It only needs to have the qualities
that your cats will love.

Cats are picky when it comes to stuff they want to scratch on. Even if you buy tons of
expensive wood scratching posts for cats, your fur baby will still ignore them if you do not know the right qualities to
buy. Because of that, your cat will still end up marking your furniture as its territory.

This situation looks hopeless, and you may feel helpless as your cat seems determined in
creating its artwork on your furniture.

That is why it is time to select the best wood scratching post for cats that will benefit your fur baby and
your couch.

How to Choose a Wood Scratching Post for Cats

How to Choose the Best Wood Scratching Post for Cats
Live harmoniously with your fur baby with a scratching post. Choose the best wood scratching post for cats with the right build, size, and material.

Choose a Scratching Post With the Right Build

Do you wonder why cats love scratching tables, couches, and cabinets? Or why wild cats love
scratching trees? The reason is the sturdiness and stability of these objects.

Unfortunately, growing a tree in your living room is not an option. That is why you need to buy a
sturdy scratching post
that can handle your cat’s temper.

If a scratching post is wobbly, it can cause an accident that harms your cat, and cats are smart
enough to learn from past mistakes. If it happens, your fur baby will possibly avoid using
scratching posts in the future.

Besides the post’s sturdiness, you also have to consider whether it is hollow or solid and has a

If you want the best wood scratching post for cats that gives an excellent workout and playful experience,
buy the one that you can hang on the wall. It saves space. Because it sticks to the wall, it is
stable, and it provides the right kind of stretch the cat needs.

Find the Right Size

Cats have their own preferences when it comes to size. But generally, the best cat scratching
post size should enable the cats to extend their bodies as they scratch. It is their way of
exercising their muscles and flexibility.

Scratching posts that are too short for a cat can feel uncomfortable for them. As a result, your
fur baby will ignore it and revert to designing furniture with its claws.

Find the Right Material

There might be some scratching posts that catch your eye. But your cat might have a different
opinion. It is best to put yourself in your cat’s paws before buying one.

The best wood scratching post for cats that your fur baby will love should be durable but allows it
to leave shredding marks with its claws. The best choices are the sisal fabric and corrugated

Sisal rope and carpet are available, but not advisable scratching post materials. The sisal rope
only allows your cat to scratch vertically, and the carpet urges your cat to scratch your house’s
carpet too. That is why it is not recommended to use a scratch post material that is the same as
the one you use at home.

If you want to give your cat the best experience, buy scratching posts of different sizes and
materials. For example, you can put a tall and an angled post in the same place to provide your
cat with the best experience. Next, you can place the third scratching post in varying places to
give some excitement to your fur baby.

This setup will never bore your cat. It also ensures that your furniture will be safe from its paws.


That is why you should buy the best wood scratching post for cats that you and your cat will love. It will
save your couch, carpet, or your face from being your fur baby’s scratching post. Choose
among the durable and high-quality selections we have that your cat will enjoy.

You will live harmoniously with your fur baby if you have the best wood scratching post for cats at home
with the right build, size, and material. It helps prevent your fur baby from destroying the beauty
of your furniture. It also keeps them healthy, busy, and happy. #catclawing #catproducts #catscratchfurniture #catthings

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