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How to Teach a Cat to Stop Scratching the Furniture

June 7, 2021

Does your cat seem to love turning your furniture into its canvas?

Getting a cat to stop scratching the furniture can seem near impossible, but it is doable with
patience and interest. Seeing its claw marks on a table or couch can make you feel embarrassed and worried because
guests can arrive at your house at any moment. The last thing that you would like to happen is
for them to see your couch, cabinets, and tables with scratch marks.

That is why it is time to set boundaries for your cat. Here are some tips that may help you.

Respect Your Cat’s Nature

Before you can encourage a cat to stop scratching the furniture, you have to respect that this
behavior is a part of its nature.

Scratching provides a lot of health benefits to a cat. It stretches the cat’s body, exercising its
whole body and flexibility and maintains the cat’s claws by shedding the exterior part. It is also a
form of stress relief for a cat.

That is why a cat that scratches regularly is happy. If you prevent it from expressing this part of
its nature, it will lead to behavioral issues, causing more problems.

Also, try to avoid declawing your fur baby. Removing your cat’s claws is like amputating the top
of your finger to the first knuckle, so you can imagine how painful this would be for them.
Declawing will also lead to behavioral and other health issues, including tissue necrosis and

How to Teach a Cat to Stop Scratching the Furniture
Does your cat scratch furniture? Learn how to train a cat to stop creating its scratch artworks on your furniture without declawing it.

Train Your Cat

Although your fur baby thinks it is the boss of the house, you can still train your cat to stop scratching the
furniture. It will only take up to a week or less to have your cat respect what is yours.

1. Buy the Cat Essentials

You should purchase scratching posts, toys, catnip, and a cat pheromone spray. Make sure to
buy at least three durable and sturdy scratching posts with the suitable material that your cat will
love to scratch.

These products are investments. If you want to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture you bought with your hard-earned money, your fur baby also demands your investment.

2. Protect Your Furniture

If you cannot get your cat to stop scratching your furniture, cover it (the furniture, not the cat).
The following suitable materials are unappealing to your fur baby:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Aluminium foil
  • Net or weave
  • Plastic
  • Sandpaper

Make sure to tuck these materials securely to prevent your cat from getting underneath and
continuing its artwork.

To better secure your furniture, use a cat pheromone spray. A pheromone spray will calm your
fur baby, relieving it of the stress that causes it to scratch.

3. Place the Scratching Posts in Strategic Places

Place at least two scratching posts of different varieties in your cat’s favourite place. Having at
least two different kinds of posts will provide your cat with an excellent experience. You can also
place one in various places to surprise it.

To make sure your cat will not ignore the cat scratcher, make sure to buy the one with
types of materials your cat will enjoy, for example, sisal fabric. Spray or sprinkle the post with
honeysuckle or catnip to encourage the cat to scratch the post.

You can also use a wand toy to lead the cat onto the post.


Your house cat, although domesticated, has natural instincts it cannot ignore. This scratching
behavior is essential for its well-being. As a cat lover, you will also benefit as this behavior
helps cats release their tension, allowing them to feel happier and more relaxed.

Even though your cat seems to think that it owns everything in the house, you can work around
it by buying the right cat scratcher. We offer selections of durable scratchers with the right
material that your cat will love. You do not have to declaw your fur baby. Learn your cat’s likes
and dislikes and use the information to train your cat to stop scratching the furniture.

Also, if your cat exhibits good behavior, do not forget to reward it. #ilovecat #catclawing #catscratchers #catproducts

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