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Why Sisal Scratching Post Is the Best Choice

June 14, 2021

Your house looks like a jungle. There are scratches everywhere, on your tabletop, couch, cabinet, and walls. You know you have to buy a cat a sisal scratching post, or else your house will not look like a house at all but a huge cat playground and a scratching post.

It is not what you want your home to look like, do you? You love your cat, but your place should also have to look presentable to your guests. Thus, it is time to buy the scratcher with the best material that your fur baby will love.

Before you find out why the sisal scratching post is the best to use, it is best to know the basics so that both you and your cat will understand each other.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Cats scratch not just because they want to, but because they have to. Cat clawing gives physical and mental health benefits. 

As for physical benefits, scratching is their form of exercise because it stretches their body to work out their muscle groups and flexibility. It is almost a whole-body workout for them. 

For mental benefits, scratching is a way for cats to feel good, relaxed, and confident. This behavior allows them to claim a space for themselves. It is because their paws have scent glands, leaving a scent in their territory. The marks that scratches leave communicates to other cats that a particular place is their territory.

Because scratching is in a cat’s nature, you cannot stop it. However, you can work around its behavior. 

Here is what you should do to discourage your cat from creating its masterpiece on your furniture. Thus, you need a sisal scratching post.

Don’t Declaw Your Cat 

Are you willing to amputate your fingers up to the first knuckles? No people in their right mind would want that, and the answer is the same for your beloved fur baby. The declawing process is almost the same as the amputation of knuckles in humans. It feels painful and unhealthy for them.

Declawing leaves cats vulnerable to infection, necrosis, and bleeding. Balancing and walking will be difficult for them too. As a result, you will end up having a stressed, sad, and grumpy cat. 

Do Buy a Scratching Post

Why Sisal Scratching Post Is the Best Choice
Scratchers are available in different materials, but the sisal fabric is the best choice. Find out why a sisal scratching post is the best option.

Buying a scratching post is the best solution for your cat’s scratching behavior. It will provide a win-win solution for you and your fur baby. Your cat will have a private place of its own, and your furniture will be safe from its claws.  

However, you will have to be patient in training your cat to use the scratching post. 

You also have to make sure to buy the right scratching post that your fur baby will love. Consider the height, sturdiness, and material. You can find examples of the right cat scratching post to buy from our shop

The height should allow the cat to stretch its body. It should also be sturdy enough to take the scratches and weight of your cat so that it will not cause an accident. The cat scratching post material should also be the type that your cat will love. 

What Are the Common Cat Clawing Materials for a Scratcher?

If you are looking for the best cat clawing material for a scratcher, make sure that it provides your fur baby with the best experience. 

After all, you do not want to waste your money buying a post that your cat will not use. You also do not want your cat to continue creating its version of sculpture on your furniture. That is why it is essential to make sure you buy the perfect scratcher with suitable material. 

Scratchers are available in different kinds of materials. The most common are carpet, sisal rope, and sisal fabric. Among them, the sisal fabric is the best choice. 


Carpet-covered scratching posts are not an ideal choice for two reasons. First, most cats do not like it. The carpet does not shred well. With your cat clawing on it, it will only give it a frustrating experience. As a result, your cat will avoid it and continue scratching its favorite, your furniture.  

Second, if you have a carpet in your home as an ornament, it will encourage your cat to scratch not just its scratching post but your ornamental carpet too.

Sisal Rope

Although sisal rope can be a better choice than carpet, it is not the best sisal scratching post. It does not provide the best experience for your cat. The small bumps and roughness of this material will only continually interrupt your fur baby from scratching in every direction it wants. 

Sisal rope also becomes unappealing for cats over time because the fibers become sharp and dislodged due to scratching. 

Sisal Fabric

The sisal fabric is the best sisal scratching post because it provides a smooth experience for your cat. Your fur baby can scratch in all directions. 

Unlike the sisal rope, the sisal fabric becomes softer as your cat scratches it. Besides that, it leaves visible marks, giving your cat a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. For this reason, if want to buy a sisal scratching post, choose the sisal fabric material. You can find the best examples of cat scratchers from our shop. #catscratchers #catscratchfurniture #ilovemycat #catthings 

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