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5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Fur Baby to Use a Scratching Post for Cat

June 16, 2021

Our feline friends are bossy and they want a scratching post for cats. They think that they own you and the house because they scratch almost everywhere. They are determined to claim everything you own. 

Although your cat thinks that it’s the boss of the house, you can work around its behavior. You can teach your fur baby how to use a cat scratching post without them knowing you’re teaching them. 

What Do You Need to Do Before Training Your Cat?

Before we get into the good stuff, you need to prepare the important cat products. 

Buy the Right Scratching Post For Cats

Consider the following if you want to buy the best scratching post that your cat will not ignore:


The scratching post height should be tall enough to allow your cat to stretch its body. Scratching is a form of an excellent workout for cats. Therefore, buy a scratching post according to the body size of your fur baby.


Aside from the height, consider the sturdiness and durability of the scratching post and its material. Make sure that it is strong enough to withstand the cat’s weight and scratches. If it is not sturdy, it might fall onto the cat and cause an accident.

If it happens, the cat will avoid using the post. It will go back to scratching your furniture for its daily workout. 


The material is a crucial consideration for a scratching post. If you pick just any scratcher in a store without taking a closer look at its material, you will end up wasting your money because your cat will not use it.  

The sisal fabric is the best choice. This material provides your cat with the best experience because it allows your fur baby to scratch in any direction it wants. It becomes soft as your cat scratches it over time. See the best examples of sisal fabric scratching posts in our shop. 

Buy Other Important Cat Products for Training Not Just Scratching Post For Cats Although Our Scratcher is Awesome

The following materials can help a lot in training your cat to use a scratching post:

  • catnip or honeysuckle
  • cat toy
  • pheromone spray
  • cat treats
  • aluminum foil, plastic, net, or other types of material that cats do not like

How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Now that you have everything prepared, you can start training your cat. Here are the five ways to do it.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Fur Baby to Use a Scratching Post for Cat
Teach your cat to stop scratching your furniture with the help of some cat products, such as a scratching post for cats that will distract your fur baby.

Cover Your Furniture

Use aluminum foil, plastic, or net to cover the surfaces of your furniture. These materials will snag your cat’s claws, providing your cat with an unpleasant experience. 

If the reason for scratching is stress, use a pheromone spray. The scent will calm it down. 

Use a Catnip or Honeysuckle Spray

Note that not all cats love catnip. It is best to know what your cat likes. 

If your cat likes catnip or honeysuckle, spray some on a scratching post. It will encourage your fur baby to use the scratcher. Once it licks the scratcher, it is a good start. Your cat will discover what it can do to the scratching post. 

Position the Scratching Post For Cats In Strategic Places

You should not place the scratching post in your desired area but the area that your cat prefers. Finding your cat’s favorite place is easy. You only have to analyze its behavior.

Observe which furniture or carpet your cat loves to scratch. Look at the couch’s arms or the particular area of the carpet. If you see scratches there, it indicates that it is the best place to put a scratching post. 

Also, position the post based on your cat’s behavior. Notice how your cat scratches the objects in your home. It will help you determine the best kind of scratching posts to buy. 

If your cat has never used a scratching post before, it is best to place the scratcher on its side. Sprinkle some catnip or play around near the scratching post to encourage your fur baby to use it.

Once your cat has become familiar with the scratching post, you can put the post in a standing position.

Play Around Near the Scratching Post For Cats

You can also use your cat’s favorite toy to encourage your fur baby to use the scratching post. Play with your cat near the post.

The ideal toy to use is a wand because it encourages your cat to reach the toy. You can use this opportunity to have your cat place its paws on the post as it gets for the toy. You can also use it to lead your cat to the top of the post. 

Reward the Cat

Reinforce the cat’s positive behavior, not the negative one. Be generous by giving your cat a treat every time it becomes curious at the post when it sniffs or investigates it. Also, give your cat some when it places its paws or starts scratching the post.

Put some treats on top of the scratcher to encourage your fur baby to climb up. 

Please do not punish the cat by hitting or scolding it because these are ineffective and can backfire. Your cat can become depressed and might refuse to eat. 

Your fur baby might also start urinating or defecating outside the sandbox or on your other objects at home. Scratches on furniture are already an eyesore. Imagine the horror if there is cat poop on display.  


By following this guide, you can save your furniture from your fur baby’s paws. Both you and your cat will live harmoniously together. 

However, remember that the key is to get to know your cat. Know what it likes and use what you learn in choosing the best products to buy for training your fur baby, such as a scratcher. If you want to purchase high-quality cat products, visit our shop. #catclawing #catscratchers #catscratchfurniture #ilovemycat

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