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3 Important Considerations Before Buying a Cat Scratcher

June 28, 2021

Living harmoniously with a cat seems impossible because of the disaster it can do to your home. Its version of a cat play involves scratching your walls and furniture, which is no fun at all. That is why you need to allow it to vent its emotions onto a cat scratcher

But we love our cats. We choose to adopt and love them. Therefore, they are our responsibility. Among our obligations to our feline friends include giving them their needs, and one of their needs, believe it or not, is scratching.

Why Do Cats Need to Scratch?

Scratching is more than just a cat play. It is a healthy activity that you do not want to deprive your fur baby of because it will keep them happy, satisfied, and healthy. 

Scratching is an enjoyable activity for a cat because it helps reduce their stress. It is a cat’s outlet when it feels anxious. 

It makes cats feel satisfied because it is a way they mark a territory aside from urinating. The scratch mark and the scent that comes with it communicate to other cats that an object is theirs. 

Also, it is a healthy activity for cats. They need to remove the outer sheaths of their claws, and scratching is the best way to do it. Besides that, it stretches the cats’ bodies, allowing them to exercise all their muscles from neck to paws.

3 Important Considerations Before Buying a Cat Scratcher 3
You cannot stop your fur baby from its favorite game, scratching. Learn what to consider when buying a cat scratcher that your cat will love.

Solutions for Cat Scratching

Although scratching is a normal and healthy cat play for your fur baby, it is terrible for your furniture. There are scratches everywhere, from the tabletop to your couch. Your house is getting uglier, transforming it into a jungle each day. 

Because of this, you need to come up with something. A win-win solution that will benefit your fur baby while saving your furniture. 

Cat Declawing

Some pet owners declaw their cat because they think it is the best solution for their fur baby’s cat play. What they do not know is it causes more harm than good, which sometimes may backfire.

Declawing is an agonizing procedure for the cat. Imagine getting an amputation of your fingers up to the first knuckles. That’s how painful and uneasy it will make your fur baby feel.

It is unnatural for cats to live without their claws. Without them, your fur baby is vulnerable to infection and necrosis. It will also stress out your cat, causing it to have behavioral disorders. 

For this reason, it is not a surprise that many countries ban this procedure. The declawing side effects are also why it should be out of the considerations when you want your fur baby to stop scratching your furniture. It leaves the next option the only way to have a win-win solution for your fur baby’s favorite cat play. 

Buying a Cat Scratcher

Scratchers are available in different sizes, forms, and materials to accommodate your cat’s needs. However, you want only the best for your fur baby. Here are the factors to consider when buying one.


The basis of an ideal scratcher’s height is the length of your cat’s body. The size should be tall enough to allow your fur baby to do some stretching while clawing the scratcher. It will provide maximum benefits for its favorite cat play activity. 

The best choice is easy to use and adaptable enough to accommodate the cat no matter its size and breed. An excellent example is a cat scratcher that you can find in our shop.

Our cat scratcher is adaptable enough to accommodate cats of any size. It is because you only have to hang it on the wall on the level where your cat feels comfortable. You can also lay it down to provide your fur baby with a better experience. 


Because the cat scratcher will be the one that will take much abuse from your fur baby, it should be sturdy enough to handle your cat’s weight. Cats love scratching objects that they think are sturdy.

If a scratching post falls on your cat, it might cause an accident. It will also discourage your cat from using a scratcher.

Because our cat scratcher is designed to be hung on a wall, you do not have to worry about it being wobbly. They can accommodate your cat’s weight no matter how heavy it is. 


Scratchers use different kinds of materials. The most common are carpet, sisal rope, and sisal fabric.

The best choice is sisal fabric, which is the material we use in our scratchers. Sisal fabric provides your fur baby with the best cat play experience. It allows your fur baby to scratch in any direction it wants. Also, it becomes softer as your cat scratches it over time. 

The carpet and sisal rope are okay but not the best choice. Carpets can snag your cat’s claws, giving it a frustrating experience. Suppose you use carpet as a house ornament. In that case, it encourages your cat to scratch even your furniture with an ornamental carpet on it. 

The sisal rope, on the other hand, only provides a one-directional cat clawing experience for your fur baby. It also gets tougher as your cat claws it repeatedly, giving your cat a less enjoyable experience. 


You cannot stop your cat from its favorite cat play, which is scratching. You should encourage this activity because it is healthy for your fur baby.

What you have to do is adapt to your fur baby’s needs. Buy a cat scratcher to protect your furniture, and choose the one with the right height, sturdiness, and material. #ilovemycat #catscratchers #catstuff #felines

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