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5 Easy Skills to Teach Your Fur Baby Whilst Cat Training

June 30, 2021

Cat training your fur baby with some basic skills, such as using a litter box, walking on a leash, and following a command, saves you some headache. Imagine the great relief you will feel if your cat knows how to poop and pee inside a litter box or if it stops scratching your furniture.  

But cats are unlike dogs. A dog is eager to please its fur parent, but a cat will tell you to go to hell. It does not mean that cats are untrainable, though. It only means that there is a proper method in teaching them.

5 Easy Skills to Teach Your Fur Baby Whilst Cat Training
Despite a cats’ snootiness, they are intelligent and teachable. Find out the five basic and handy skills to teach your cat whilst cat training.

How to Train Your Cat?

Before you play cat whisperer, learn the following pointers first: 

Understand Your Cat

Your fur baby knows how to communicate, but meow is the only language it speaks. Although no human knows the exact meaning of every meow, there is still a way to understand what your cat wants to tell you. Study its habits, body language, and the tones of its meows.

Pick a Suitable Cat Training Time

Cats have a short attention span. Based on how you understand your fur baby, pick the time when your small feline can be more receptive to cat training. It will be a short time, but make sure that it is worthwhile. 

Be Consistent With Your Gestures and Intonation

Unlike dogs, cats find your gestures and intonation easier to understand than words. Therefore, make sure to be consistent. Do not use the same intonation in every command. 

Do Not Punish Your Cat

Reinforce positive behavior or achievement but do not punish your cat when it misbehaves or does not follow your command. Punishing your cat will only backfire. It will make your cat feel scared when you are around.

Prepare the Pet Cat Accessories and Essentials

Here’s what you will need. Some of which you can find in our shop:

  • Litter box
  • Scratcher
  • Cat treats
  • Harness 
  • Clicker
  • Aluminum foil or plastic
  • Catnip or honeysuckle spray
  • Cat wand 

Essential Skills for Basic Cat Training

Cats are intelligent creatures. You can teach it several tricks like sitting or fetching on command. But before you get into the hard stuff, start with the basics that will benefit both of you, which are the following: 

Charging the Clicker

A clicker is one of the handiest pet cat accessories to have if you do not want to spend all your money buying treats. A clicker can be an excellent substitute to reinforce your cat’s positive behavior. 

Teaching your cat to understand the click is easy. You only have to repeatedly give your cat some treats or a small portion of food, pats, or pettings after every click. Do it every time until your fur baby can finally associate the clicks with positive reinforcement.

Walking on a Harness

Start by strapping the harness to your cat for a few minutes, then for a longer time. Reward your cat for accepting the harness. Once your fur baby gets used to wearing a harness, you can ease introducing the leash.

Attach the leash to the harness, and let your cat walk around the house dragging it. When your cat becomes used to this setup, you can take control. 

Using the Litter Box

Potty training your cat is not as difficult as you think because cats are naturally tidy. They also have this instinct to bury their stinking nasties that make your cleaning job more manageable. 

Provide a clean litter box that is exclusively for your cat. Make sure that no other dogs, cats, or even you have used it before. Do not clean it with baking soda as well.

Place the litter box in a room where your cat has access to food, water, and some privacy. If your cat refuses to use the litter box first, place the outside accidents inside the crate. 

If your fur baby still refuses to use the litter box after a week, place the cat itself in the litter box after each meal and teach it to use the box by scratching the litter.   

Using the Scratcher

Scratching is one of the most annoying cat behaviors that you should tolerate because it is healthy. What you can do for the cat training of your fur baby is allow it to vent its pent-up energy on a scratcher rather than your furniture. 

Make sure to buy one with all the features that your fur baby will love, which you can find from our shop. Discourage your cat from clawing your furniture by wrapping aluminum foil or plastic on it. 

Encourage your cat to use a scratcher by spraying some catnip or honeysuckle spray on it, whichever your cat likes, or play with a cat wand to lead your cat to use the scratcher. 

Come to You on Command

Cats are naturally snobbish, but not at all if you teach your fur baby to come on command as part of its cat training. It is a handy skill to have so that if you lose your cat in a crowd for some reason, it will come to you by calling its name. To have this result, you need to be patient and have some treats on hand. 

Start by calling your cat’s name in situations it feels relaxed, entertained, or comfortable. You can also create this situation by cuddling or petting it while calling its name. 

Once your cat responds, give a reward no matter how slight this response can be. Try to call your cat’s name to have it come to you. If your fur baby approaches, give it a treat or use a clicker because cat training includes rewarding them when they do something good.  

Try moving further and repeat the process. Try to call your fur baby’s name. Reward it if it approaches you. #felines #catscratchers #kittytoys #felinefriends #petcataccessories

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