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The 7 Most Famous Songs About Our Favorite Felines

July 2, 2021

Many people cannot hide their love for their cats, our favorite felines. According to Bloomberg’s article “The Magazine Trying to Bring the Web’s Cat Obsession Offline,” 15% of the traffic on the internet is all about cats. There are also around 30 million searches on Google containing the word “cat,” which only proves how obsessed people can be with our feline friends.

For this reason, it is no wonder that many prominent pop culture personalities use our favorite felines as inspiration for their works. Music is one of them. The following are seven among the several songs about our feline friends.

The 7 Most Famous Songs About Our Favorite Felines
Music writing is a way to express your love for your cat. Because our favourite felines are unique, some people can’t help but be inspired by them.

7 Greatest Songs About Felines

The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens

Upon hearing this song, the first thing that might come into your mind is a jungle filled with big, wild felines. After all, Disney’s The Lion King gave us this picture to imagine in our minds. 

This song was originally written and recorded by Solomon Linda under the title “Mbube.” However, George David Weiss was the one who wrote the English version of it. Since then, there have been many adaptations, but the most popular one was the version of The Tokens. 

The Love Cats by The Cure

From the music intro to the lyrics, you cannot argue that The Cure took its inspiration from cats. 

Robert Smith, the band’s lead vocalist, said that its inspiration was the novel “The Vivisector.” But you cannot deny that it came from the section where the cats were the highlight—the part where the protagonist learned that his lover’s husband drowned the poor, stray felines in a sack. 

When you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will realize that it is about a relationship that is comparable to these stray cats.

Tom Cat Goodby by Laura Nyro

After listening to the song, please calm down. Laura was not referring to real cats, and no cats were killed or harmed after she wrote the song.

Many say that “Tom Cat Goodby” was about Laura’s relationship with her cheating husband, who she described as the tom cat. Cats are never monogamous, tom or queen, so she referred to him as a tom cat.  

What’s New Pussycat by Tom Jones

It is the main soundtrack of the movie of the same title in 1965. In the film, the main character, a womanizer named Michael James, calls all the girls “pussycat” (except his fiancee)  to avoid remembering their names.  

As for the song, you can take the lyrics literally to express your love for your cat and sing this as a lullaby, although for your cat, you will only look ridiculous. 

When He Calls Me Kitten by Kelley Deal 6000

Upon listening to the music, you will hear the artistic way the guitar is played because it sounds like a cat. 

In the song, a man calls his girl “kitten” as an endearment. He wants to hear her kitten voice because he misses her. Although there’s an unexpectedly dark twist at the last part, you cannot hide the fact that the song expresses how he loves his kitten so much.   

Alley Cats by Hot Chip

If you listen to this song and take the lyrics literally, you will only have a headache. The lyrics are hard to understand and seem not to make any sense if you take it as a song about cats, worms, germs, and monkeys.

However, “Alley Cats” has a sad meaning behind it. Alexis Taylor revealed that Alley Cats is Goddard’s private song for his mother, wishing that she was still alive to hear his songs.

Cat’s in the Cradle by Harry Chapin

The “cat’s in the cradle” is an expression that describes a father’s poor relationship with his son. This expression originated from the song written and sung by Harry Chapin. 

Unknown to many, Chapin took the inspiration of this expression from the Dutch fairy tale, “The Cat and the Cradle.” The story is about a cat who saved a baby girl in a cradle from drowning. 

Final Words

You cannot blame many people for loving cats to the point of becoming their inspiration for their art. After all, they are all cute, lovely, and cuddly, and the best way to express our love for our favourite felines is to write and sing a song for them. So, which one of these songs will you sing for your fur baby? #felinefriends #lovecat #cutecats #ilovemycat

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