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How Cat Lovers Can Stop Their Cats From Meowing at the Door

July 5, 2021

There are countless reasons why cat lovers love their pets. You cannot blame these fur parents because cats are adorable and cuddly. Who can resist those cute little eyes?

But the problem is our feline friends are annoying sometimes. Even though their meows sound melodic and sweet, doing it at the door can disturb our sleep and peace, as if they are determined to ruin our day. We cannot concentrate on our tasks, get good sleep, or talk with someone peacefully without their meows meddling with the conversation.

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As cat lovers, we need to understand why our fur babies meow at the door. Learn how you can stop them from doing it without punishing them. 

Do Cats Meow to Get Your Attention?

As cat lovers, we should take a deep breath and be patient. Because even though our fur babies seem to do it intentionally to annoy us, they don’t. 

Meowing is a cat’s way of communicating what it wants. Either it wants you to let it in or out of the door, or it probably has lots of energy to burn and wants to play with you.

The good thing is there are a few tricks to discourage your cat from being a walking vocal cord without scaring or traumatizing it. 

As cat lovers, we do not want our cats to fear us. That is why we will not use negative reinforcements, such as shouting or clapping at its behavior. We will use some tricks that will naturally encourage our cats to stop annoyingly meowing at the door. 

How Cat Lovers Can Discourage Their Cats From Meowing at the Door Without Punishing It

The best and most natural way to discourage your cat from making these pesky noises is to make your fur baby forget about it, which you can do by distracting it. Here are a few effective cat distractions. 

Create an Outdoor Private Space for Your Cat

Having tons of energy to burn can be one reason your cat seems unstoppable from meowing at the door. Therefore, you need to come up with something that will help burn your cat’s energy. Creating a small outdoor playground is one way to do it.

Cat lovers can build a small drinking fountain in their fur baby’s private space and add some challenges for a cat to climb on, such as a tree or ladder.

If you do not have enough safe outdoor space for your cat, you can still create an indoor one for your fur baby. Try to consider our cat hammocks

Our cat hammock does not provide just a private space for your cat. Before getting onto the hammock, it has to undergo some challenges by climbing the two jute ropes. It gives your cat a space of its own and a good dose of exercise to burn its energy.    

Play With Your Cat

Cat lovers buy toys for their fur babies to keep them active, healthy and engaged. An interactive cat toy, which you can buy from our shop, provides the maximum benefits. It allows your baby to hone its hunting instinct while keeping it distracted from meowing at the door.

Your cat can play with it with its other feline friends, or you may use this opportunity to bond with your fur baby. 

Use a Cat Deterrent Spray

If the previous tricks still do not work, you can resort to using a cat deterrent spray, which you can create by mixing equal amounts of water, liquid hand soap, and vinegar. 

Do not spray it on your cat, but spritz it in his favorite place by the door where it likes to showcase its singsong meows. The spray smells horrible for your fur baby, deterring it from staying by your door.  

But as much as possible, use the deterrent spray only if the previous tricks do not work. The spray does not solve the underlying issue your cat wants to tell you. That is why it is the last resort. 

Final Words

As cat lovers, we only want the best for our fur babies. Although their meows might annoy us sometimes, they only want to tell us something they cannot express through human words. We should understand them and provide for their needs. #felines #felinefriends #kittyhammock #toysforcats

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