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5 Intriguing Facts on How Cats Think: A Cat Behavior Guide

July 7, 2021

You wish you had a cat behavior guide to find out what your cat is thinking. We cannot blame you because cats are mysterious, weird, and hard-to-read creatures. Sometimes they will walk on your lap, sit on your book, or sleep on your computer for unknown reasons. 

Because of this, it seems like cats are intentionally acting weird sometimes to annoy or make you smile. Whatever they do, you only want to know more about your fur baby and the reason behind their behavior.

Don’t fret, though. This cat behavior guide will let you know some unexpected details on how your cat thinks. 

5 Intriguing Facts on How Cats Think A Cat Behavior Guide
Does your cat confuse you with its behavior and actions? Know the intriguing facts on how your cat thinks with this cat behavior guide.

The Cat Behavior Guide to Know What Your Cat Is Thinking

Cats are famous for being snobbish and independent. However, cats are cats. They do not want to have this kind of impression to be mean. But surely, there are reasons cats act as they do.

Here are some unexpected and intriguing facts about them.  

Cats Are Not Vindictive

Holding grudges is another misconception about cats. What is true is that they are creatures that have some set boundaries, like us. One of these boundaries is when they are put in a situation where they do not have a choice. 

Like humans, cats can feel angry when you cross their boundaries. And when they feel angry, they have to vent their frustrations. 

No wonder frustrated and stressed cats express their pent-up emotions through scratching. Thus having a cat scratcher at home is handy. You can find practical and stylish cat scratchers in our shop.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not hold grudges. Therefore, if you see scratches on your door or furniture after you did something that could make your cat angry, it is not because it wanted to get even with you. Your cat only did it because it only wanted to let out its anger and stress. 

Cats Can Feel Sadness, Happiness, and Boredom

Cats are active creatures, so they do not like it when they feel bored. They always want to feel relaxed and engaged. 

Leaving your fur baby in your house without any stimulation is a bad idea. If you have to leave your cat by itself, consider buying an interactive cat toy that will keep it engaged. Not only will it make it feel happy and active, but it will also hone its hunting skills. 

Besides that, make sure to give your cat enough attention. Your cat will appreciate it. Cats love it when their fur parents groom, feed, and play with them. 

Cats Are Sociable

It is wrong to compare your cat to a dog. One of the differences is that cats do not form a pack like dogs. They prefer to hunt and eat alone. 

Yet, cats are comparable to humans when it comes to sociability. Like us, you cannot expect cats to get along with just anybody.

If you want your fur baby to get along well with your other pets, this cat behavior guide suggests that you should start training your cat to be around others as a kitten.

Cats Are Loyal

The thinking that only dogs can be loyal is unfair for cats because they can be faithful too. They express it differently. According to a study from Oregon State University, cats can form an emotional attachment to their fur parents. 

Researchers call this attachment a secure attachment. It means that cats feel safer and calmer by seeing their favorite humans. 

Cats Know How to Love

The snobbish and aloof cat’s reputations are a bluff. The truth is cats are softies. They do not show it the way dogs do. They have their unique way of showing affection that is different from our pooch friends. 

Cats express love by getting into where their favorite people’s attention is. For example, they sit in the book while their fur parents are reading. They also rub their heads against their beloved fur parents to express ownership.

If your cat sits with its back facing you, it does not mean it is angry or snobby. It only means that your cat wants to watch out for its surroundings because it knows you are safe. 


Cats are not as cold or snooty as we thought they are. It is just that cats are unique creatures that we should not compare with dogs. Our fur babies have their own way of expressing anger, love, sadness, and other emotions.

We hope this cat behaviour guide has helped you to understand your fur baby better. If you want to give your cat a small gift that it will enjoy, visit our shop. #felinefriends #felines #lovecats #catscratchers #toysforcats

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