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The Purrfect Gift for Cat Lovers: Stylish Cat Scratchers

July 12, 2021

Make no mistake, we all have at least one insane cat lover friend. The friend who comes to parties with traces of cat hair or who wants to spend their Friday evening with their feline friends rather than you! If you are looking for that purrfect gift, a stylish cat scratcher is the way to go! 

Usually, cat scratchers can look dreadful when placed in a room. But there are a few designs that blend right into any room without sacrificing its functionality. 

It may not look essential at first, but a scratcher is not just a piece of furniture for a cat to play with. Scratch attacks on couches and drapes can be annoying. No one likes to have their expensive furniture all shredded and messed up! According to experts, scratching is unavoidable. 

Cats scratch to mark their territory by emitting their scent from their talons. It is also in their nature to scratch surfaces to sharpen their claws, removing worn-out claws to expose new, sharper ones.

Impress your friend by gifting a stylish cat scratcher. Not only will it solve their problem, but it will also be an excellent decor piece in their home. Of course, choosing the proper scratcher is essential; make sure that it is worth your money!

The Purrfect Gift for Cat Lovers Stylish Cat Scratchers
Looking for a gift for someone who adores cats? Know more about these stylish cat scratchers and why they are the purrfect gift for cat lovers.

Why Buy a Stylish Cat Scratcher?

For Their Furniture: We invest in our furniture, and no one wants to have their expensive couch ruined by those little claws! To prevent this, purchasing a scratcher and putting it near their play area is the best way to go.

For Kittens: Wall scratchers can do wonders for a kitten. Our little fur friends have the most built-up energy, and they need to have an activity to get distracted. Scratchers also help them get attached to something within your home early on; thus, adapting to new surroundings will be easier. It will prevent them from developing unwanted cat behavior as they grow older.

For Their Cat’s Health: Annoying, it may seem, but scratching is a healthy habit for our cats. Aside from sharpening their claws, it keeps them from getting stressed. When they scratch, they stretch, releasing those “feel-good” hormones that reduce uneasiness towards their territory.

For Style: Finding solutions for a cat’s natural behavior doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your style. There are stylish cat scratchers that you can buy for your friend! These designs are sleek and can easily blend into any room. 

What to look for when buying a scratcher?

Material: Many standard scratchers are made of carpet-like material, it’s cheap, but it’s not ideal. Cat’s hate it, and it often resembles the carpeting found on staircases and floors at home. 

It will give them a terrible experience when they scratch on it as it does not tear well. Thus, making your cat go back to their usual scratching places, like your ornaments, drapes, and tabletops. 

The best scratchers are made of sisal. Sisal fabrics offer a rougher texture than a carpet and give a smoother scratching experience for your fur babies. 

In addition, it holds up to sharp claws making them really durable! Finally, its aesthetic design doesn’t ruin the style of a room, and it’s a space saver! 

Size and Durability: While the primary purpose is for them to have something to scratch on, it should also give them a place to stretch. It’s beneficial for them to have a long or tall scratcher so they can stretch those back and shoulder muscles. 

It should also be sturdy and with no loose components. Cat’s know if it isn’t safe. Make sure you buy something stable that will not fall onto your cat. 

Budget: Buying a cat scratcher is an investment rather than a cost; consider this when buying it as a gift. Choose a scratcher with the optimum quality that your wallet can afford. Check out our shop for the best stylish cat scratchers. 

Whether you are buying this item for a friend or a loved one, it’s a guarantee that they will appreciate it. More so, their fur babies! It may seem a little unnecessary at first, but a stylish cat scratcher is an essential piece of furniture now and in the future. #catthings #catstuff #catscratchers #catscratchfurniture

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