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3 Reasons a Stylish Cat Scratching Post Is an Excellent Gift for a Cat Lover

July 19, 2021

Your feline-loving friend’s birthday is getting closer and closer each day, but you still do not know what kind of gift to give on this special day. 

Something cat-related can be a good idea. But because your friend is a cat lover, your favorite person probably already has tons of cat stuff in the house.

Even though it is the case, there is nothing wrong if you give a stylish cat scratching post on this special day.

3 Reasons a Stylish Cat Scratching Post Is an Excellent Gift for a Cat Lover
Your feline-loving friend’s birthday is coming soon. Why not give a stylish cat scratching post that your friend and your friend’s cat will love?

Why a Stylish Cat Scratching Post Is an Excellent Gift for a Cat Lover

There are plenty of reasons a scratcher is still the best gift for a cat-loving friend, even though your friend already has one. It is because a cat scratcher is available in different varieties. They differ in build, material, and size to accommodate other cat preferences. 

For this reason, even if your friend already has a scratching post at home, giving a new one will provide your friend’s cat with a new level of experience. Also, suppose your favorite person owns many cats. In that case, it will be more beneficial for your friend to have multiple scratchers at home. 

However, when choosing a stylish cat scratching post, you do not want to choose just anything. You want your gift to serve its purpose. Find a scratcher that provides your friend the following benefits:

Saves Furniture From Cat Scratches

It is the primary purpose of a scratcher. Your friend with a beautiful home will want a scratcher that is attractive enough for the fur baby to save the furniture from cat scratches. Pick a scratcher with the right size, build, and material that your friend’s cat prefers. 

The best stylish cat scratching post should be versatile enough to accommodate the cat’s height. For this reason, the best choice is a wall scratcher.

You can adjust the size of a wall scratcher to any height to accommodate the cat’s size. Your friend will not have to buy multiple scratching posts to suit the life stages of the cat. 

Because your feline-loving friend can hang the scratcher on the wall, it is strong enough to carry a cat’s weight because the wall will serve as the scratcher’s framework. 

What makes a wall scratcher even better is its sisal fabric, the most recommended scratcher material. Sisal fabric is the most advisable material because it provides the cat with the best scratching experience.  

Adds to the Beauty of a Home

A stylish cat scratching post should have a design that complements the beauty of a home. 

Suppose your cat-loving friend’s home has a minimalist style, which is the trend nowadays. In that case, your friend will love this wall scratcher because of its natural and minimalist looks. It does not occupy a lot of space because your friend will only hang it on the wall. 

This scratcher is also unique, making it an excellent conversation starter when your friend’s guests see it.   

Loved by Cats

A stylish cat scratching post should have all the features that it loves. In the end, it is the cat that will use this post, not its fur parent. You can find out about the features by observing how your friend’s cat treats its other scratching posts.

To please the cat parent with your gift, make sure to please the fur baby first. If a scratcher does not have the features your friend’s cat likes, it will just ignore your gift. 

To make sure that your friend’s cat will appreciate your gift, buy a versatile but stylish cat scratching post. Your friend can hang it on the wall or lay it down to provide the cat with the maximum scratching experience. 


You will never go wrong gifting a stylish cat scratching post to your cat-loving friend. Even though your favorite person has tons of scratching posts, you can still give a unique and elegant scratcher. It will provide your friend’s cat with a new scratching experience. 

Just make sure to buy something versatile enough to accommodate your friend’s fur baby’s scratching needs, so it will not go to waste. #felinefriends #felines #catscratchers #catscratchfurniture   

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