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3 Features of Stylish Cat Scratching Posts

July 26, 2021

A scratching post is a house saver for homeowners who are also cat lovers. It saves their couches and other furniture from the claws of their fur baby. 

However, if you are the type of cat lover who is also stylish, you do not want to buy any old scratching post on the market. You want a scratcher that both you and your fur baby will love. 

Thankfully, there are stylish cat scratching posts available that will complement the beauty of your home. Find out how to identify the right scratchers that you will be proud to display in your home. 

3 Features of Stylish Cat Scratching Posts
Upgrade your cat’s scratcher with stylish cat scratching posts that both you and your fur baby will love. Find out what features to look for.

What Are the Features to Look for in Stylish Cat Scratching Posts


The best choice for a scratcher is something that provides multiple functions. Aside from practicality, it should also look good in your home because you do not want everything in your house to be an eye-sore for your guests.

Aside from the aesthetics, make sure that your cat also likes your choice. After all, unless you have claws, you will not be the one using it. 

Make sure that your cat likes the scratchers’ material and quality. If the scratching posts do not have the features your fur baby will love, it will ignore them, and you will put the overall aesthetics of your couch and furniture to your cat’s claws. 

An excellent example of a cat perch with multiple functions is the Wall-Mounted Hammock With Two Steps. At first glance, this hammock looks nothing more than ordinary. However, it functions as more than just your cat’s resting area.

The two steps that come with it are made from jute ropes, which can also function as mini scratchers for your cat. The Wall-Mounted Hammock is not only an excellent addition to your house’s interior design, but it also provides maximum benefits for your fur baby.

Because it is wall-mounted, you can easily adjust the height of the steps based on the size of your cat. Therefore, no matter how big or small your cat is, your fur baby can rest on it.

The steps also provide an excellent way for your fur baby to have a workout before resting on the hammock. What makes it an even better option is that the cushion is replaceable. Therefore, it is easy to maintain.  


You do not want your stylish cat scratching posts to be only for aesthetics. You also want it to be versatile enough to accommodate your cat’s needs. 

After all, the main reason you buy a scratcher is that you want your cat to have something to scratch on instead of your furniture.

Therefore, the ideal stylish cat scratching posts can accommodate your cat’s changing needs. These scratchers should be suitable for all your cat’s life stages or something that you can lay down to fit your cat’s scratching preference. 

The best option is the Cat Wall Scratcher. If you can hang the scratcher on a wall, you can easily adjust its height based on your fur baby’s size. You can also give your cat a new scratching experience by lying it on the floor. 


Minimalism is the trend nowadays. Scratchers with a minimalist design are the best recommendation for cat lovers who do not have enough space at home.  

Minimalistic but stylish scratching posts can look good in any household, even if they look simple. They do not have to be huge like a cat tree unless you want to build a giant playground for your feline friend. 

If house aesthetics is your concern, go for a minimalistic scratcher. Look for scratchers that are slim and sleek. But make sure that they are also functional, or you will be risking your lovely couches being your cat’s scratching post. The Cat Wall Scratcher is also an excellent choice for a scratcher that has all these features. 


When choosing stylish cat scratching posts that will look good in your home, you have to be practical as well. Consider the added benefits and your cat’s preference. You also need to consider the space and design of your home. #catwall #felinefriends #kittyhammock #catscratchers #catscratchfurniture

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