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Cat Poses Meanings: Everything You Need to Know

July 28, 2021

Nothing amazes a fur parent more than seeing their cats acting weird. You want to know the cat poses meanings as well as the gestures they make. Find out what your cat could be trying to communicate by posing or acting weird.

Cat Poses Meanings Everything You Need to Know
You wonder what all the cat poses’ meanings are because it is crucial in understanding your baby better. Find out the meaning behind every cat’s posture.

What Are the Cat Poses’ Meanings

Knowing the different poses and gestures of our cats allows us to understand them better. As cat parents, we need to understand what our cats think to tend to their needs. Here are some of the cat poses and gestures that confuse every cat parent.

Bouncing Off From One Place to Another

If your cat is acting crazy by bouncing from one place to another, you do not have to worry. It is natural for a cat, especially if your fur baby has a lot of pent-up energy or if it has sniffed some catnip. 

The only problem that you have to face when your cat is acting this way is possible injuries. If your fur baby always works this way, it is best to assess your home if there are objects that can hurt your cat when it leaps from one place to another.

If this behavior is already destructive in your household, buy a scratcher or an interactive cat toy that you can buy from our shop. Having these cat stuff can help release some of your cat’s pent-up energy, and these will also keep your cats engaged. 

Venus Cat Trap

The meaning behind the Venus Cat Trap pose is vague. This position refers to your cat lying on its back and exposing its belly to you. It can be a sign of trust or aggression. 

When your cat is in this position, it is best to ignore and appreciate that it puts its trust in you, especially if you do not know your cat well. If you know your cat and trust that this position will not put your fur baby into attack mode, you can give it some belly rubs. 

This position can be a sign of aggression because being in a Venus Cat Trap position allows cats to attack faster. 

Staring at a Blank Space

If it seems like time has stopped for your cat, and it just turned into a statue by staring at a blank space, do not assume that it went nuts. Your fur baby had probably seen something, such as a tiny insect that you could not see with your own eyes.

Just like humans who stare at a blank space while thinking about a particular problem, your cat does the same thing. This cat gesture means that your fur baby is focusing on something. That is why you should not disturb it and let it solve its own problem. 

Tight Place Napping

You probably wonder why your cat prefers to sleep in tight spaces, such as a drawer or box, rather than in its comfy cat bed. 

Cats like to nestle in this position because, in ancient times, it was for self-preservation. Many years ago, cat ancestors had to live in the wild and protect themselves from predators. They had to squeeze themselves into tight spaces and tucked themselves to hide away from danger.

Computer Napping

You were probably doing an essential task on your computer. However, your fur baby has an idea that will annoy you. It walked on your keyboard, laid there, and decided to take a nap.

Your cat laid there not to annoy you intentionally. Cats do these kinds of things because they love warm places, and your computer is the perfect place for warmth. 

What you can do is pick up your cat and lay it in a warm place where it can take a nap. An excellent hammock can be a nice place to rest for your fur baby.  


Cats do not exhibit particular behaviors to annoy. By knowing the different cat poses’ meanings, you will understand your fur baby better. You will be more understanding and patient with them. #catstuff #felinefriends #ilovemycat #catlove #catscratchers

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