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5 Fun Facts About Our Cute Cats

July 30, 2021

As cat parents, you don’t care whether your fur babies have 18 toes or are ambidextrous because you accept your fur babies the way they are. However, isn’t it nice to know some cool stuff about them?

5 Fun Facts About Our Cute Cats
Have you ever wondered what could be the unique characteristics and abilities your cute cats probably have? Find out the fun facts about your fur babies.

Fun Facts That Prove How Cool Cute Cats Can Be

At some point in your life, you’ve asked yourself about the fascinating traits of your feline friends. You have wondered why your cats seem to be intentionally annoying you by meowing at night or why cats have a terrific sense of balance. 

Here are some facts that answer some of the questions you have in mind about your cute cats.


If you wonder why your fur babies love singing their meow songs or pawing your face at wee hours, it is because they are crepuscular. Meaning they are more active at dusk and dawn. 

This behavior is due to the evolution of our feline friends. Many years ago, our cute cats’ ancestors had to make the most of their activities during these hours to hunt for prey and avoid their predators. 

It is also the reason why cats sleep most of the time outside their active hours. Our cats’ ancestors had to conserve their strength and energy to maximize the short time to hunt and chase possible prey. 

House Cats Have 95.6 % Tiger DNA

Although your cute cats do not have the appetite to swallow you whole, it shares 95.6% genes with its tiger relatives. It explains why our fur babies behave in a predatory way sometimes. It is the reason our fur babies love giving us  ‘gifts,’ scratching objects at home and urinating on their claimed territories. 

As cat parents, we can buy our fur babies things to use to release their pent-up energy and fierceness, such as a cat scratcher or a toy.

Not All Cats Hate Water

The majority of cats indeed hate water. However, it is not true for all of them. Others enjoy swimming, such as tigers and even some domestic cat breeds. Turkish Van, Savannah, and American Bobtail are examples. 

Whiskers Are Not the Ones Responsible for the Cat’s Terrific Sense of Balance

Many parts of a cat’s body are responsible for its sense of balance, but the whiskers are not part of it. Cat’s whiskers, however, can help our fur babies determine space and distance, but they do not need whiskers to balance. 

The cat’s vestibular system, tail, and backbones are the major body parts our fur babies use to have an exceptional balancing ability.  

The cat’s vestibular system, located in the inner ear, is the main reason for the cat’s terrific sense of balance. It consists of complex nerves, canals, and fluid. If your fur baby gets an ear infection affecting this area, it will lose its balance.

Along with the cat’s vestibular apparatus and eyesight, our cute cats also have flexible backbones. This unique characteristic of our feline friends allows them to twist their bodies at the right moment before they fall to the ground.

The cat’s tail also plays a role in a cat’s sense of balance. The tail helps our furry friends to counterbalance when they have to walk on fences and other narrow spaces or if they have to catch prey. 

Cats Cannot Taste Sweets

If you are a long-time cat owner, you can tell that your fur baby’s taste in food is different from humans. Unlike most people, cats cannot taste sweets or taste sweets the way most mammals do. 

According to some studies, it is because the cat family is in the lineage of carnivores. The cat family does not have the 247 base amino acid pairs to make up the gene necessary to taste sweets. 

For this reason, giving sweets as a treat to your fur baby is more of a punishment. Provide your fur baby with a piece of raw or cooked meat if you want to reward its good behavior. They will appreciate it more.   


Knowing these cool facts about our cute cats makes us understand them more. We already know that our feline friends do some annoying stuff not because they want to bug us intentionally but because it is who they are. #felinefriends #felines #ilovemycat #lovecat #catthings

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