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5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Right Stylish Cat Beds

August 2, 2021

Are you a sleepyhead? So is your cat! Cats are the sloth of the domesticated animal world. They sleep between twelve to sixteen hours a day. They sleep on your couch, on top of your newly washed clothes, or sometimes on your dog’s bed. 

They nap in almost every place of your house, that is why you must buy them their own bed.

Choosing the right cat bed is not that simple. There are various cat beds in the market, from simple cushion-made beds to stylish cat beds. Given the range of cat beds, there are several things you need to consider before buying the right one for your precious kitty.

5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying the Right Cat Bed
Are you planning to buy a new stylish cat bed? Know these essential things before you make that purchase.

Types of Cat Beds:


Usually made of high-fiber polyester stuffing, this bed is the simplest and the most classic bed you can get. It comes in different colors that can match your room. It’s not difficult to wash and can be moved around your house easily. 


Pods are one of the most stylish cat beds in the market. These pods are gaining popularity due to the simplicity and the uniqueness of their design. These pod-like beds are ideal for cats who want privacy when sleeping. 

They usually feature a little entry space and are ideal for your cat to nestle in during the cold winter months.


These beds are the perfect napping spot during wintertime. Usually featuring self-heating materials that are 100% safe for your cats. They were also designed for older cats with arthritis, as they provide much-needed comfort.


A window perch cat bed is great if your cat’s favorite area is near the window and they like to fall asleep in whatever sunshine they can get, or you discover them snoozing in front of the view. These cat beds attach to the window as perches, allowing your cat to sleep in their favorite spot.


This bed is gaining popularity as one of the most stylish cat beds. The hammock’s playful design makes it very enticing for your cat to sleep on. The elevation gives them the feeling of safety and comfortability. Typically, these beds are made of wool and draped over radiators.

It provides a perch for your cat to lounge as they watch you go by your day from above.

Things to Look for When Choosing The Right Cat Bed:


Two of the most important factors to consider when buying a new cat bed are your cat’s size and breed. As playful as they are, they like to move around and stretch a lot. Giving them a bed with enough space to move is essential. 

Measuring your cat keeps you from making the mistake of buying something that is not suitable for them. The best and easiest way is to measure your cat from its nose to the end of its tail. Do not forget to add some extra inches so it’ll be more spacious for them.


Aside from choosing a bed made of high-quality fabrics, it is important to know if your cat is allergic to a particular material. Opt to buy beds crafted out of natural fabric, like wool, cotton, or linen. Natural fabrics are airy and prevent moisture from accumulating. They’ll help to prevent odors and mold growth.

Also, pay attention to the label for washing instructions. Choose a bed that can be machine washed and can be easily removed. 


If you have a cat that enjoys the sunlight, lounging near the window during the daytime, this is perfect for them.

Cats are creatures of comfort, and they like the feeling of warmth. Thus, there are beds available in the market which are made of self-warming materials. Perfect for fur parents who live in a place with a cold climate, your cat will definitely appreciate having a warm bed whenever they snuggle. 

Aside from self-warming beds, you can opt to buy cave-like beds. These beds were designed to keep your cat’s body heat while inside.


Another key factor to consider is where to put the bed, which will be determined by your cat’s specific preferences and personality. 

Most cats won’t be able to unwind in a bed in the middle of the house’s noisiest room. Use them as a guide if your cat has already marked out their favorite sleeping spots in your home. Is it possible for them to see outside? Is it tucked up behind a wall or up high and out of reach?

They might like sleeping off the floor, by the window or inside a box, what is essential is you floor their preference. 


Finally, will it match my house decor? Buying your cat a bed is a two-way street, and you don’t have to sacrifice your style to meet their needs. There is a wide range of stylish cat beds available in the market. 

Such as this Cat Hammock and Steps, available in our shop. It does not just tick all the checkboxes above; it also serves as a bed and a place to have fun. 

Choosing the right bed can be exciting and challenging at the same time. The key to finding the perfect stylish cat bed is to follow your cat’s preference – and you are sure to make the right choice. #catbeds #cathammock #cutecats #felinefriends #catstuff

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