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Cat Stuff: Everything You Need For Your Furry Friend

August 6, 2021

Congratulations! You are now a certified fur parent! Bringing a cat into your home is an exciting time! Whether you are just planning to adopt or already have a new fur baby, you have to make sure that your home is ready to take in another resident. There is a lot of cat stuff you have to bring home with you.

It will be challenging at first, but with proper guidance and knowledge. We firmly believe that you will be a great parent to your cat.

Here are some of the most important cat stuff you need so that your feline friend will feel secure and comfy at their new house. Ensure that you go through this list to prepare yourself and your kitty for a new journey together.

Cat Stuff Everything You Need For Your Furry Friend
Adopting a new cat? Learn more about all the cat stuff you need to prepare your home and make it cat-friendly!Keyword: cat stuff


There are several types of cat food available in the market; of course, if you want your cat to live their healthiest lives, you must purchase high-quality cat food. There are dry and wet food variants available. Your vet will help you assess what kind of food will be best for your cat—considering their age, breed, and current state of health.

Do not also forget to purchase a food bowl and a water bowl. Choose a bowl that is wide and shallow. In addition, feel free to buy treats but not more than 10% of your cat’s diet.


Your kitten needs a place to do its business. A large litterbox is recommended to avoid spreading litter around your house. We recommend placing it in a quiet area where your cat can have their privacy and not get distracted when doing their business. 

Keep in mind that cats are creatures of cleanliness; thus, having a tidy litter box is essential. Your cat will surely avoid a smelly litterbox, so keep it clean. Refrain from using strong disinfectants, ammonia, and lemon-scented deodorants, as this will irritate your cat. 

Some cats also have litter preferences; you will have to try different litters with different textures to know your cat’s preferences. Lastly, do not forget to buy a litter scooper when buying things for your cat. Use this to clean and pick up soiled bits and urine balls every day. 

Cat Comb and Toothbrush

Other cat stuff you have to get for your fur friend are combs and toothbrushes. Some cats love to have their hair combed because of their thick furry coats. There is a wide variety of combs available; find the right metal comb depending on your cat’s preference. Also, start em young! Groom them while they are kittens so they can get used to it.

A toothbrush may seem unnecessary, but it will be beneficial to your cat. Dental diseases are common with your feline friend. Consult your vet on what type of toothbrush you should use as there are a robust variety of brushes out there.

A Stylish Cat Bed

Cats sleep approximately 12-16 hours a day. Getting the right bed for them so they can doze off comfortably is important. There are different types of beds you can purchase. From furniture beds, hammocks, pods, and cave-like beds, this will all depend on where your cat usually sleeps. Do they like to nap near the window? How about on top of your drawers? 

Learn more about choosing the right bed for your cat by checking out this guide. It will help you decide which bed is best suited for your cat’s sleeping needs!

Cat Scratcher

Finally, a cat scratcher to check off all the boxes for all the cat stuff you need. It may not look essential at first, but a scratcher is not just a piece of furniture for a cat to play with. Scratch attacks on couches and drapes can be annoying. 
Cat’s love to scratch to mark their territories, to stretch and sharpen their claws. This behavior is natural and healthy for your cat. Purchasing the right scratcher could be a challenge, so learn more about the necessities before buying a scratcher here.  #catsuff #cutekittens #furparent #catbed #felinefriend

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