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5 Ways to Teach Your Cat to Use a Natural Scratching Post

August 9, 2021

After a long day of work, seeing your cat as it greets you with a cute and loud meow is every cat parent’s dream. Except for those times when you found your expensive furniture all messed up because of scratches. Yikes! Not a fantastic sight! Well, teaching your cat to use a natural scratching post is the best solution.

Your cat scratches for a lot of reasons. Oftentimes, they scratch certain parts of your house to mark their territory. Most of the time, they do this to stretch and sharpen their claws, which is healthy and expected behavior.

Whichever reason it may be, teaching your cat to scratch a natural post may seem extra work at first, but it will be a necessity in the future. There are several ways to teach your feline friends to scratch on a particular place or surface. Use these techniques while having a great bonding experience with your kitties.

5 Ways to Teach Your Cat to Use a Natural Scratching Post
Tired of your cat scratching your expensive furniture? Follow these tips on how to train your cat to use a natural scratching post.

Using Catnip

The easiest and most effective way is to attract your cat to use a natural cat scratching post with catnip. This can be very effective with many cats, and they will go crazy for it. Hang catnip bags from the top or sprinkle catnip on the base and within the fabric. Stay near the scratcher and invite them to play.

Playing Around

Aside from using catnip, you can also put toys near it. Putting the scratcher in a place where they feel comfortable will accomplish this. This can also be done by using a wand-like or a fishing pole kind of toy. Use the toy to navigate them into the scratching post and let them get accustomed to it. 

Proper Placement

Some cats like their scratchers vertically placed; some don’t. Remember that cats love to scratch to stretch those tiny arms, shoulders, and back. Knowing your cat’s preference is  important. Make sure that the post is located in a place where they are likely to use it, which is often close to where they sleep.

Consider buying a versatile natural cat scratching post for your cat. A good scratcher can be easily moved around and positioned either vertically or horizontally. It’s beneficial for them to have a long or tall scratcher to stretch those back and shoulder muscles. 

It should also be sturdy and with no loose components. Cat’s know if it isn’t safe. Make sure you buy something stable that will not fall onto your cat. 

Use a Natural Scratching Post

Emphasis on natural, most scratcher’s in the market are made of carpet-like materials. Aside from the fact that your fur friends do not like it, it also resembles your floor carpet, making them go back to their usual scratching places. 

Natural cat scratching posts are usually made of Sisal Fabric. These sisal-made scratchers can do wonders when you train your cat. It gives them an excellent scratching experience. 

These durable and rougher types of scratchers are beneficial whenever they want to release those “feel-good” hormones – keeping them stress-free and comfortable within their surroundings. 

Final Words

Using these tips will make your cat training go smoothly. Avoid using techniques that will agitate them, such as sprinkling water on their face, making loud noises, or using mousetraps. This will injure them, and it will just reinforce negative behavior.

Teaching your cat to use a natural scratching post can be challenging. But once you have accomplished this demanding task, you can now move on to teaching your feline friends other places or things that are off-limits. #naruralcatscratchers  #cutecats #cattraining #furrparents

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