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Cat Attitudes: Learn the Different Ways Cats Express Love

August 13, 2021

Cat attitudes are different from dog attitudes. Unlike dogs that downright scream their love for you, cats are unpredictable. You can compare this relationship to dating a moody person. One minute your date is all over you, then the next minute, your love starts hissing at you. 

I have been there, fellow fur parents!

We need to understand that our feline friends have their own ways of showing love. Here are some small gestures that express your fur baby’s love for you:

Cat Attitudes Learn the Different Ways Cats Express Love
Many people say that cats are cold and aloof, but cat attitudes are different from humans. Find out the signs that tell how much your cat loves you.

Blinks Slowly at You

Do not mistake this gesture as a sign of sassiness. If your cat slowly blinks at you, be honored. It is one of the cat attitudes that express trust. Felines greet other cats this way to communicate trust. 

You can return this gesture by slowly blinking back at your fur baby. Your cat will understand. 

Assumes the Venus Cat Trap Position

The Venus Cat Trap refers to the position in which the cat lies down on its back, exposing its belly to the human it loves. Cat lovers jokingly refer to this position as the Venus Cat Trap because of the unpredictable cat attitudes our fur babies might show at any time after touching their belly.

The belly is the cat’s most vulnerable body part. When your cat shows it, it wants to communicate that it trusts you.  

Kneads You

There are two theories why cats knead their favorite people like dough. 

First, it is due to the feeling of comfort. When kittens were young, they kneaded to stimulate the flow of their mom’s milk. For this reason, it is one of the cat attitudes that the kittens carry into adulthood.

Second, it is a way to show ownership. As cats knead, they release pheromones to claim their favorite people or objects as theirs. 

Follows You Around

Have you ever tried peeing while your cat is staring? It is a little creepy, but it is your cat’s way of  saying, “I want to be with you.” Following you everywhere is one of your fur baby’s touching ways of showing its affection. 

Cats follow their favorite humans for three reasons. First, it wants something, second, it wants attention, and third, it combines both. Sometimes this gesture is combined with some meowing.

Although it is one of the cat attitudes that show affection, not all fur parents would want to encourage this behavior. After all, everyone needs privacy. 

Suppose you do not want to encourage this behavior. In that case, you can divert your cat’s attention by providing it with something to do. One example is by giving it a toy to play with to keep it engaged. You can find one in our shop.

Brings You “Gifts”

Cat lovers can attest that there have been instances where their cat has brought home dead prey or objects to present to them. 

Although this cat attitude can be a clear sign of affection, you cannot deny the morbidity and yuckiness. Imagine waking up next to a dead bird on your bed. 

If your cat gives you gifts, do not punish it. It only wants to flaunt its hunting skills to you. If you do not want to encourage this behavior, tie a bell around your cat’s neck to warn the prey that your cat is coming at them.  

Headbutts or Rubs Against You

Your cat also shows its affection by headbutting or rubbing against you. These gestures release some pheromones from its face to yours to scent mark you. It is your fur baby’s way of saying, “you’re mine, hooman!”

Being possessive might be a no-no between humans, but if it is your cat claiming you as its possession. We know you would not mind. 

Nibbles You

Although play biting is popular with puppies, kittens bite too by nibbling your fingers or toes. If your kitten does it, your fur baby only wants to say, “Play with me.”

Consider buying a toy that engages them. Our interactive cat toy not only diverts your cat’s attention from nibbling you. It also stimulates its hunting skills. 
If your cat does not show any of the mentioned signs of love, it does not mean that your cat’s heart is made from stone. Our feline friends have different cat attitudes, like humans who have different personalities. #kittytoys #ilovemycat #felinefriends #toysforcats #catplay

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