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3 Stylish Cat Furniture Ideas to Add to Your Home

August 16, 2021

You’re probably asking, “why do I need to invest in stylish cat furniture?”

Cats can mess up your house and destroy your furniture at home. Seeing those scratches on the couch and table tops is evidence of it.

You cannot blame your cat for doing it because it is just an innocent kitty who wants to vent its frustrations out. It’s just that it has chosen your furniture to be its punching bag. 

But no matter the reason, you do not want your cat to destroy your stuff at home. It’s time to give your cat its own furniture where it can let its frustrations and stress out. 

You do not want just any cat furniture, you want it to be beneficial to you too. It has to complement the beauty of your home. That is why here are some of the useful, stylish cat furniture you can buy for your cat and use as your home decor as well.

stylish cat furniture
Cats tend to destroy your stuff at home when they feel frustrated. Have them vent all their emotions with functional, stylish cat furniture.

Best Examples of Stylish Cat Furniture for Your Pet

When buying cat furniture, make sure that it will provide the most benefits for your cat. It should provide not just a diversion but also exercise to stimulate its mind and body. 

You also want it to be attractive enough to display at home, and be a conversation starter for your visitors who also love cats. 

Here are examples of stylish cat furniture you can buy from our shop that have these benefits. 

Cat Wall Scratcher

This cat scratcher is able to be mounted on the wall. You can easily hang it using rubber pads and adjust its height. You also do not have to worry about it falling on your pet because the wall can support the cat’s weight.

What makes it even a better option is that it saves space and can accommodate cats of any size and breed. 

Your cat will love this wall scratcher because it is made from sisal fabric, the most recommended material for a scratcher or scratching post. It can withstand your cat’s scratches and will last for a long time. 

Cat Hammock and Steps

This cat hammock with steps provides an excellent place for your cat to take a nap and gives them a few exercises before taking a rest. Cats will love it because they love high places. This hammock has an elevated design with two jute steps providing extra activity when they go there. 

This cat hammock will also be a great addition to your home because of its neutral color and minimalistic design that will complete the aesthetics of your home. 

Interactive Cat Toy

Cats are natural predators; they love to hunt and chase, which are their form of entertainment. This toy will stimulate them mentally and physically. You can also take this opportunity to bond with your pet and play with it.

Like the hammock and the scratcher, this interactive cat toy has a minimalistic design and can be an excellent conversation starter. Aside from its beauty, it is also durable enough to withstand your cat’s scratches. 


Diverting your cat’s attention away from your furniture is easy. You only need a little patience and give it what it needs: physical activity and emotional release.

To make it possible, buy the right furniture for your cat, be patient in teaching your cat to love its new stuff and be happy living together.

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