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Tips & Tricks: How To Train Your Cat To Sleep In Its New Bed (Modern Cat Houses)

August 23, 2021

Some of us, cat owners, love to cuddle up with our cats during bedtime. As a fur parent, this is one of the greatest feelings of owning a cat. However, most of us choose to have them sleep in their own little modern cat houses. 

The main reason behind this is your cat has a different sleeping pattern. People tend to categorize cats as nocturnal, wrong! Nocturnals are owls and bats, and they are active all night long. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are more active during dawn and dusk.

This often results in annoying nighttime behavior that will guarantee to wake you up from slumber. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with cat claws scratching your face?

You can check our store with the most stylish modern cat houses perfect for your feline. However, purchasing is the easy part; training them to sleep in their new bed can be challenging. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you train your cat to finally use their beds.

modern cat houses
Planning to buy a new bed for your cat? Follow these tips on training your little cuties to sleep in their new bed!

Use Treats and Catnip to Lure Them

One easy trick you can do is use treats to lure them towards their new modern cat houses. Patiently wait for them to sit on their bed and once they are on it, praise them and give them the treat. Do this repeatedly during the daytime so that they can get comfortable with their new house.

As you undoubtedly know, Catnip has a fascinating impact on cats, and many of them enjoy it. All you have to do is occasionally sprinkle a little amount of it into the bed, and the only difficulty you’ll have is getting them out of it!

Look for The Perfect Bed 

Modern cat houses, caved-in beds, hammocks and self-heating cushions are some of the most popular cat snuggle spots you can buy in the market now. They come in different styles and sizes, purr-fect for your pets. 

When it comes to choosing the right bed for your cat, think about where and how your cat likes to sleep so you can figure out which one they prefer:

  • If your little kitties love to stretch, consider purchasing a wide bed, large enough so they can stretch all they want. 
  • If your cat loves their privacy, a pod-like or caved-like modern cat house is the best choice. They usually feature a little entry space and are ideal for your cat to nestle in during the cold winter months.
  • If you have an older cat suffering from arthritis, a self-heating bed will provide their much-needed comfort. This is also perfect for cold weather.
  • A window perch cat bed is great if your cat’s favourite area is near the window: they like to fall asleep in whatever sunshine they can get, or you discover them snoozing in front of the view. 
  • If your cats love to sleep privately on high spots, a hammock will be perfect for them. Your cat will be enticed to nap on the hammock because of its amusing style. The height provides them with a sense of security and comfort. These are often made of wool and wrapped over radiators.

Choose The Best Location

Finally, the location. This is the most crucial factor as cats are creatures of habit; therefore, you need to know where to put their new bed or else they’ll just run back to your bed. If you don’t know where their favourite napping spot is, start in a space where there is less foot traffic and noise.

Keep it near the window where they can get a bit of sunlight and warmth. Observe your cat’s behaviour. Know their favourite hiding spot; is it under the bed or in the corner of your room?

Consider these tips and tricks when you are planning to buy a new modern cat house. Although all cats behave differently depending on their breed and environment, these tips will help you and your kitty to sleep comfortably at night. You will no longer wake up at 4AM with your kitty massaging your face, guaranteed that they will enjoy this lovely gift you have for them. #cathouses #cathammock #cutekitties #moderncathouses

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