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4 Reasons To Buy Modern Cat Scratchers

August 27, 2021

Non-pet-owners perceive modern cat scratchers as just an expensive cat accessory. They look at it as an overpriced toy for your furry friend. But little do they know, these scratchers provide immeasurable benefits for cats and pet-owners alike.

It’s only a carpeted or roping-covered pole or board; yet, this very basic accessory lessens the problems of cat owners and improves a cat’s health in so many ways. 

Most pet owners have their fair share of headaches when it comes to their cats destroying their favourite furniture. Imagine getting home after a tiring day at work and seeing your newly bought carpet, all destroyed by your cat. 

Of course, you cannot be mad at them (no chance with those cute little eyes); punishments always tend to make the situation worse. What you need to do to alleviate this behaviour is to buy them a modern scratching post, emphasizing “modern” as you cannot compensate for the look of your home when purchasing a scratcher. 

modern cat scratchers
Create a hassle-free and harmonious relationship with your cat by buying them a modern cat scratcher.

Before going into why you need to buy this accessory, you need to first understand why cats love to scratch. 

  • Scent glands are found in the paws of cats. Scratching serves as a territorial message for other cats by leaving the cat’s smell on an object.
  • They scratch to sharpen their cute little claws and keep them in good condition.
  • It’s also a form of exercise, where they stretch and strengthen their muscles.
  • And most importantly, it releases” feel good” hormones to avoid stress and keeps your cat healthy. 

Here are the main reasons you need to buy your cat a scratcher; this list includes benefits for you and your cat. 

Protecting Your Furniture

As many cat owners know, cats love to scratch, even if they don’t have a modern cat scratcher to do it on. This means they’ll look for anything else to claw at, which is usually your valuable furniture. 

Adding a scratcher to the mix might help you stop the scratching, however, it is not as simple as installing a modern cat scratcher. Your cat will not instantaneously stop scratching your furniture. Instead, you must persuade him to scratch the post. Adding catnip or a reward on the top might assist with this cat’s bad behaviour.

Keeping Your Kittens Busy

Scratching posts are fantastic for young kittens that have a lot of pent-up energy. Scratching posts give cats a rigorous workout while also providing them with something to attach themselves to in the home. 

This will make their transition smoother and eliminate any cat behaviour issues that may arise as a result of being in a new environment. Providing a modern cat scratcher with dangling toys will easily persuade them to play and use it. 

Health Benefits

When scratching a post, cats usually position their claws over the top and pull them. There are a lot of motions in the cat’s body before the scratching begins. The stretching improves blood flow to the muscles, which enhances the cat’s flexibility, range of motion, and even lowers tension. The scratching routine aids felines in calming down and reducing stress.

Also, it benefits them by keeping their claws sharp, as this is very important for their health and daily natural activities. They utilize them to dig into the wood and other materials to climb difficult-to-jump places. Cats can leap great distances, but their ability to claw their way up fences and tree trunks is as impressive.

A Play Centre

If you have more than one cat, they will gather to the scratching post out of mutual curiosity. This will serve your modern cat scatter as a play center or a place where your cats bond for fun and playtime. Because all cats like scratching, a post is a fantastic method to bring your cats together.

With all these things listed above, the most important reason for buying a modern cat scratcher is for you and your cat to have a harmonious living relationship. Find the most stylish scratchers available in the market here now! #catscratchers #stylishcatfurnitures #cutecats #catowners

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